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January 2017

AC Meets the G&T

  • Nigel barker

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    Nigel barker
  • Nigel Barker with glass


    Nigel Barker with glass
  • Group with flavors


    Group with flavors

Spaniards love their gin and tonic, or "gintonic," as they say. And in Spain, these aren’t the simple drinks with a lime wedge squeezed in, but are often served in balloon-shaped glasses and flavored with herbs, spices or an assortment of fruits and vegetables, depending on the type of gin used.

The gin and tonic may be the unofficial cocktail of Spain, but it’s now the official drink for Spanish-founded AC Hotels by Marriott. The Marriott International brand partnered with global brand ambassador Nigel Barker and Bombay Sapphire gin to create a custom crafted small-batch tonic known as ACGT, as well as a specially designed gin and tonic glass to accompany the cocktail.

“We are excited to unveil AC Hotels’ exclusive ACGT, the product of an innovative collaboration with Nigel Barker and partners that share our same vision of creating meaningful experiences complemented by modern, purposeful design,” said Benoit Racle, global brand director, AC Hotels by Marriott. “The ACGT evokes the Spanish heritage of AC Hotels, emphasizes the artistry of Bacardi’s House of Bombay gins and is heightened by Nigel’s keen eye for design.”

Barker, an entrepreneur, fashion photographer, New York Times best-selling author, TV personality and furniture designer, worked with Gary Gruver of Marriott International’s Global Beverage team and Rohan V. Tikekar, professor of food and nutrition at the University of Maryland, for two years to create the recipe, which includes Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorn blended with Bombay Sapphire East gin and served garnished with orange and lemon peels.

This carefully crafted cocktail needs the appropriate glassware, so Barker and Gruver developed the Gin & Tonic Glass, designed to enhance taste and aroma.

“Inspired by a glass I bought in Biot, France at the age of 22, this new AC Hotels glass design will be a refined traditional tumbler and highball-style glassware with a heavier and thicker glass bottom that enhances the tasting experience,” Barker said. “This design puts emphasis on the beauty of the small details, a fundamental approach to AC Hotels.”

The ACGT and custom glass will be available exclusively to AC Hotel guests and groups beginning this summer. Cheers!

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