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April 2017

Creating a Better Vegas for Meetings

Episode 2
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Let’s begin this second edition of discussion by digging into some more details of what “creating a better Vegas” actually means (If you missed the first edition, scroll to the bottom ... we saved it for you).

Skill, expertise, wisdom … just a few words that come to mind when someone says experience. Like most organizations, we have a variety of experience. And those are important; however we also believe, passionately, that creating an experience is a bigger piece of the puzzle.

The concept of creating "experience" was an industry buzz word for a while. What exactly does that mean? In a destination of excess and sensory overload that conversation could go sideways quickly. If you stay focused on what originally attracted folks to Vegas ... bright neon lights, great prices and friendly service … you can begin to understand our definition. Over the decades of implosions and rebuilds on the Strip, the neon lights were replaced, prices soared and well, you decide about the friendly attributes. 

Downtown Las Vegas isn’t really any different than many downtowns throughout the country that have gone through a transition. There was a time when it got left behind while the Strip blossomed. And then Oscar Goodman comes along and changes everything!

If you aren’t familiar with Goodman, that alone would be a history lesson. But for our purpose, let’s not only say that he is the single reason that Downtown became what it is today and continues to grow, but he is also part of that experience referenced before. Goodman is a former defense attorney for the MOB – a huge part of our history and culture – and is also our former Mayor. Today he also serves as the LVCVA’s ambassador for all things tourism. And he is the namesake and partner behind Oscar’s Beef-Booze-Broads, located inside the Plaza. Don’t get your feathers ruffled, we know the tagline is not politically correct – and neither is Goodman. Remember this is Vegas.  You and your attendees want to experience this city. Goodman is woven into the fabric of everything we were; instrumental in everything we became; and now he can be part of your “experience”.

Dine in the restaurant on an individual basis, host a small group or takeover ... the options are endless. Or bring him into your events – meet and greet or as a guest speaker. The topic list is endless as to how he can create an experience your organization and attendance will be talking about for a long time.

Now we aren’t hanging our hat one element. The very essence of the Plaza is about Vintage Vegas – we still showcase our neon (it’s a city ordinance to maintain our neon); strive to keep the Vegas ‘feel’ that made us famous in what we do and how we serve our guests. From free nightly live entertainment on the casino floor to the diner/deli, Brightside, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner, casually and affordably every day. And if it’s entertainment you desire – we’re serving up complimentary tickets to our in-house guests to the variety show, the Scintas. But don’t let Vintage lead you down the wrong path. We’ve been re-investing for the last 6 years while many have remained dormant.

The biggest piece of our growth is taking place now and will lead the Plaza into a new arena. We’ve always had the largest ballroom – yeah, who knew? We’re now bringing that space to a new place – all new partition walls/tracks, paint, doors, carpet, and lighting. The breakouts – same thing. And as soon as we finish with that (June2017) we’re expanding our space by renovating into existing real estate – on the same floor – to bring our total to over 30,000 square feet. (Fall 2017) And how is that fitting into our ‘experience’ and ‘value’? Well, we’re combining modern amenities -digital reader board system – and vintage touches both in design and value like Wi-Fi is included! Also coming soon is a complete redesign of our banquet menus. That’s another article but let’s just say we’ll tantalize you with modern offerings combined with experience and added values.

The last six years have been constant re-investment which we believe continues to add value to our guest’s experience. The largest race and sports book Downtown – renovated 2013. Beer Garden – added in 2014 and undergoing a re-do now for reopening Summer 2017. Pool & Pickle ball court deck renovation – July 2016. Brightside diner – 2017. Meeting and event spaces – 2017. 

Back in the day just saying “Vegas” evoked a reaction and stirred emotions. There was excitement. A rush of possibilities. And value was king! Over the years, excitement and possibilities have remained however the value has been lost. We aren’t from the school that “bigger is better”. Nor are we about losing the very thread that made our Vegas fabric – value. From room rates to value packed resort fee, our focus is to ensure that we provide value in every turn. Guests enjoy complimentary early check-in (based on availability) and the resort fee includes over $200.00 in value – self/valet parking; Wi-Fi; fitness center admission; pool admission; 2 bottles of water; local/800 calls; boarding pass printing; and Plaza Perks (coupon book).

To leave you for this edition, we do so with one last thought of “value." Our room rate is already a great bargain. The resort fee, although we realize that it’s annoying to some, is packed with values. Now as we embark on our entrance to the meeting and convention world, we’ve got some pretty great incentives to offer depending on the size and scope of the business. And we’ve got something for just about everybody.

Small or large, they are all important to us and we look forward to the opportunity of showcasing the hotel, building our partnership and getting back to the basics of fun and success in Vegas!

If you want to chat, we’re open to answering questions and providing additional details. Just let us know what you need. We’re here to help! To learn more visit http://www.plazahotelcasino.com/. Email: plaza.sales@playlv.com or call 702-386-2320.

Episode 1

In a destination that is forever changing from the inside out and back again, it is difficult to command center stage.  However, the Plaza Hotel & Casino has set out to do just that in the meetings and conventions arena.

In true Vegas fashion, there are multiple layers to this project. There’s the physical plant, the team of individuals that planners such as yourself will be working with and then of course the destination.

The transformation of the Plaza began back in 2011 when the property closed both towers for a complete $35 million renovation of all guest rooms and suites. Over the course of the next 5 years, the Hotel has continued to invest in a variety of projects ... and now we are preparing to launch renovated and expanded meeting space.

Home to the largest ballroom (19,000 square feet) in Downtown Las Vegas, the Plaza will now offer over 30,000 square feet of indoor, usable meeting spaces. And with the exception of one great event space off the casino floor, all is located on one level with direct access from both guest towers. And talk about flexibility, there are a total of 17 possible meeting rooms. The space, located on the third floor, also has the easiest load in with a full hydraulic lift and complimented with two freight elevators.

The Sierra Ballroom, Boulder Studios and the foyer space will have pretty much new everything. In addition, we are bringing in the latest version of digital reader boards including two master boards that will allow guests to download their agenda on their smart phone. The expansion will include new offices (a couple that can even be small breakouts), two new breakouts and a boardroom.

Space is great but what’s it like to work with a team Downtown? Don’t let our retro destination fool you. Most of us have come from the Strip big boxes. And if you’re wandering, we’ve got big experience outside of Vegas too. We are an independent – and relatively ‘small’ by Vegas standards – hotel casino at 1,003 accommodations. That translates into creative license and a lot less bureaucracy to color outside the lines when needed. We are open to a complete hotel buyout; restaurant buyout; taking over unconventional spaces ... if you’ve got an idea, we’re open to hear it.

The destination question comes up a lot. It’s okay. We know you’re thinking it. And we’re ready to address it. There was a time when Downtown wasn’t so cool. When you look at the landscape of financial investment in the city, most of it has been directed toward Downtown. Unlike our Strip sister, we’re a bit more diversified. And more eclectic too. We are a mixture of hotel/casinos, retail, dining, lounge, attractions, entertainment and business. It’s an outdoor vibe where one can stroll along until they find the activity that suits them. It’s free entertainment on multiple stages. It’s the attractions so not everything is inside four walls … but transportation isn’t required. It’s a neighborhood. It’s the Vegas fun and value everyone came to love … and then lost.

That is until the revitalization of Downtown. We honor our legacy and look for every opportunity to preserve our heritage while bringing the modern amenities to the edge.

We’ve got some other tricks up our sleeve too. Come back next month for another article and additional details about what’s to come. And before you go … you might want to go ahead and send us your specs for your preferred dates to make sure we have them, or at least get in line. If you want to chat, we’re open to answering questions and providing additional details. Just let us know what you need. We’re here to help! To learn more visit http://www.plazahotelcasino.com/. Email: plaza.sales@playlv.com or call 702-386-2320.

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