April 2016

Interview With Gerdie Schreuders, From Live Online Events

Gerdie Schreuders provided her own bio for this week's podcast.

"I am a strategic marketing professional and in the event industry since 1995. Oops, over 20 years now!

I have always had my own companies, closely working together with others. I love to create something out of nothing and try and test new things. When I started my first company, events were still parties "plus" and I helped to get events at the marketing/communication agenda.

I took a break from 2003 - 2009 and worked as a international marketing manager for a Clinton Foundation funded NGO. Within events we create inspiring settings and I wanted to experience the opposite, the real real world. This NGO was very innovative at that time. Because we connected volunteers worldwide, like Neighbours, to assist each other with knowledge and connections for the benefit of projects in developing countries. Wow I learned an amazing lot. Mainly about the power of internet and online communities.

This resulted in a return to the event industry in 2009 with a focus on combining the best of live and online. LiveOnlineEvents! Sincs 2014 we are 4 people. We are Europe's first full service hybrid event agency and help companies, associations and TV producers to increase their impact and reach with live & online communications. Our services are consultancy, social media reporting, livestreaming, live reporting, hybrid TV productions, community platforms and perhaps next week something! The MICE world is making fast progress and we like to take a leading role.

P.S. I am teaching and training as well about exhibition and congress management, social media and hybrid events.

P.S. I don't know anything about the technical AV part of our business ?"

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