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June 2014

Meetings Mean Business launches app

by Kelsey Farabee

Since kicking off earlier this year, the Meetings Mean Business campaign has been working tirelessly to get the value of meetings and events recognized by a broader audience.

The next step in its outreach planiss the launch of an app to arm hospitality industry professionals with the campaign’s talking points.

“The app is really important to what we are doing and will be the official toolkit of the campaign, says Nan Marchand Beauvois, national council and general manager of education seminars and tourism organization for the US Travel Association.

It is loaded with information and will keep media information, research reports, FAQs and other data easily accessible, for users to educate everyone from elected officials to colleagues.

“We are taking advantage of technology to share the information and data,” Beauvois says.

Meetings Mean Business is hoping to increase its mainstream media coverage, and would consider the ultimate success to be when “everyone from the bellman to the planner and the hotel executive” is on the same page about their goals and saying the same things about why meetings, exhibitions and travel are good for business.

Meetings Means Business launched at PCMA in January, and by April had raised the funds necessary to put its communication strategy into place. A major update is planned for AIBTM in Orlando in June.

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