January 2017

Legend has it you’ll want the work week to linger


A location can absolutely make the trip.

A location can absolutely make the trip and within the Napa Valley are some amazing sites that will garner plenty of excitement from your team. Over the course of your visit, your colleagues will be inspired by the culture-rich atmosphere, picturesque views, and who could forget the wine?

Indeed, the world-class wineries here are no secret—but there are plenty of hidden gems to stumble upon. And, whether you’re having in-depth discussions, conducting business, or simply indulging, airy vineyard views or the cool ambiance of a wine cave will elevate the moment and have every conversation rise to the occasion. 

Or perhaps you’d prefer to start your trip off by finding inspiration in the various creative endeavors of the Napa Valley locals. Here, art is interwoven within every experience. From the hand made pottery gracing the tables at Michelin star restaurants, to freshly made olive oil and sculptures that sprout from bountiful gardens, there is inspiration to be discovered around every vine.

During your stay, take advantage of the valley’s splendor by exploring a wide range of outdoor activities. Bond over hikes in the state parks, boat on Lake Berryessa, go for a paddle in the Napa River or take a bike ride on the Vine Trail. And after all the hard work, everyone will agree they deserve to treat themselves to the country’s finest wines and cuisine.

Wine tasting can also be a great way for different groups to connect. It’s natural for teams to gravitate towards co-workers they’re comfortable with and stick with them throughout an event, but during tastings discussions and activities, it’s natural to mix things up, create networking opportunities and forge new working relationships.

A day in the Napa Valley can’t end without experiencing its exquisitely mouthwatering cuisine. Here, there are more Michelin stars per capita than any other wine region in the world. And with 150 restaurants there is no end to the delicious bites that will sing from your fork. To wrap up the evening, relax, refocus and refuel with vibrant sunsets, starry nights and luxurious lodgings that’ll recharge everyone for another day of “serious work.”

While a business retreat can’t be all fun and games, in this unique oasis where world-class and laid-back luxury come together, the work week will feel like it can’t be long enough—and after all, “I’m going on a business trip to the Napa Valley” has a pretty nice ring to it. 

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