April 2017

United Airlines to Testify at House Hearing

United Airlines revealed plans to testify at an upcoming U.S. House Transportation Committee hearing on commercial airline consumer issues in regard to the April 9 incident where a passenger was dragged off a United flight in Chicago to make room for crew members, sparking outrage and plenty of debate.

According to Reuters, a date for the hearing or list of witnesses has not been disclosed at this time. United also faces a Thursday, April 20, deadline from the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee to answer questions related to the incident in which Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a flight after refusing to give up his seat.

Dao’s lawyer said that “the senior citizen incurred a significant concussion, suffered a broken nose and lost two front teeth in the incident, and that he will likely sue the airline.” After the incident, United publicly apologized to Dao and its customers. The airline also announced that staff members will no longer take the seats of boarded passengers and it will end the practice of calling police in to remove passengers from overbooked flights.

More information on United’s planned testimony is available via Reuters.

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