June 2017

Cvent Unveils Flex Website Design Software


During its 2017-2018 Product Roadmap session at Cvent CONNECT, Cvent, Inc. unveiled Cvent Flex, which it described as a more intuitive way to build, design and manage event websites and registration.

Cvent Flex aims to make the website design process effortless and enjoyable for planners who might not have a background, or extensive experience, in web design with its point and click design functionality.

“With Flex, we saw the opportunity to raise the bar with regard to what event organizers’ expect from their registration solution,” said Cvent Senior Product Management Director Brett Fitzgerald. “It wasn’t easy getting there, Flex is Cvent’s largest technology investment to date. But the result is a brand-new way to build, design, and manage events that’s not only intuitive for the planner, but also provides complete control over their event website, registration process and all attendee workflows.”

Cvent Flex contains a number of enhancements that aim to simplify website creation:

Build: The widget-based, drag and drop interface makes it easy to generate and place content, with all the necessary tools in one place. Live preview functionality provides constant visual feedback.

Design: Planners now have more freedom to create event sites that match their brand and image. The site designer lets planners change styling elements, including typography, borders and backgrounds.

Registration Management: With full control over the registration process, planners can customize the registration path based on their business or industry needs. Registration can be as simple as a one-page form, or it can be built to accommodate multiple attendee types and profiles, and updated as needed.

Experience: Cvent Flex builds on extensive user research to provide both the planner and the event attendee with an enjoyable experience, whether creating the site or navigating it.

Cvent Flex is available now through an early adopter program, and will be made available to all Cvent customers over the course of the next year as part of the existing Event Management Product.

In a meeting with Quattrone and Fitzgerald at Cvent CONNECT, Meetings Today also learned that Cvent Flex will include the ability to manipulate snippets of code for further website customization and there are plans to release official widgets after the product is launched that will allow for the integration of outside software.

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