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Years ago, working in-house as a planner and later in my own business, I worked with groups whose policies sometimes conflicted with laws or social justice issues, in locations under consideration or under contract for meetings. It was important to the groups to know the laws that might impact their meetings and whether or not they should even consider a destination.


I worked with an attorney to develop clauses (sadly, lost to the ages since they were on paper, not even on a floppy disk!) about how the group and hotel would handle these issues if laws were passed after a contract was signed. It was not an easy negotiation but usually, once explained, it was possible to negotiate and contract fair conditions for the parties.

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To accompany the Friday, July 1, 2016 blog (“Go, Stay or Boycott?”), this edition of Friday With Joan sought out those who have dealt with the issue of holding meetings in states that have passed so-called “religious freedom” laws and the impact of those laws on holding meetings. To provide a legal perspective, I asked attorneys Barbara Dunn O’Neal and Steve Rudner to weigh in on the legal ramifications of the decisions groups make to contract or move a meeting.

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Would your organization boycott a destination based on laws passed?

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