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VOTE Nov. 8 – Our Industry Matters!


This year, the U.S. faces a contentious presidential election, the outcomes of which will impact our lives and our industry for years. I read and hear many people say they won’t vote at all because they don’t like either of the two major U.S. Parties’ candidates or the two third party candidates. More, I hear Millennials are not as concerned about voting.


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This list of ballot and related issues has been compiled by me, Joan Eisenstodt, and is by no means meant to be inclusive. In the comments section, please add issues of which you are aware and links to the language and any opinions that you may have related to what you are sharing or what is presented within this article.

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4 decades later, CA experts see Prop 13's impact including that of hotel taxes @meetDMAI #eventprofs

In advance of the 2016 election, I am:

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