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It wasn’t until much later in life that I learned my generation (baby boomer) was the “center of the universe”! I’m sure in my formative years it was said how much influence we had and yet the research was far less sophisticated than it has become.


The first workshop on generations I attended was at the Nevada Governor’s Conference on Tourism in the mid-’90s where, after I’d presented a session, I sat in on one given by Ann Fishman on generational targeted marketing. I was smitten by what I learned...

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When I read the print edition of Businessweek in which the three principals of Jüv Consulting were featured, I was intrigued by how they met and them in general. As a baby boomer who hears all the time from other boomers and Geneneration Yers about how lazy both millennials and Generation Z are, I wanted to learn more from these three—who are, as you will see in the responses below, in no way lazy—about their work.

High-speed London to Frankfurt train to launch as early as 2020 @meetDMAI @joesentme #eventprofs

The hotels that Trump Organization owns is fewer than the branded ones #eventprofs #assnchat

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The Great Generational Shift: Update 2017 (via Rainmaker Thinking, PDF)

Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising Sharply Among Gen X and Millennials (via WaPo)

To Court Millennials, Hotels Are Rolling Out the Yoga Mat (via N.Y. Times)

What Millennials Want From Work (via Center for Creative Leadership, $35)

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First
Meeting professionals—planners in particular—are hardworking, often selfless people who put others first. It’s our role, isn’t it, to ensure all details of a program will go off without a hitch and to put in place a safety and security plan to protect those who attend the meetings and events we do?

What Do You and Our Industry Stand For?
I have written about whether groups should consider boycotting or pulling meetings and other business from states where laws are passed that are in direct opposition to their work or positions on diversity and inclusion. This includes laws that could potentially discriminate against and/or harm those who attend their conventions.
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