Travel Packing Tips for Meeting and Event Planners
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Friday with Joan

Travel Packing Tips for Meeting and Event Planners

Travel is exhausting; it didn’t used to be.


My first flight was in the late ’40s, which means I’ve been a frequent flyer for more than 70 years albeit not earning frequent flyer points until the start of the programs in the ’80s, with my Dad on a prop plane from Ohio to New Jersey. I only remember it from photos commemorating my first flight.


That first flight took place during the days when we walked on the tarmac and up steps to board planes and when we arrived, those greeting us came to the tarmac as well.


For that first trip, I didn’t have to pack and I’m sure what was in Dad’s suitcases for both of us was far different than what I later needed as an adult for my travels! MORE

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What’s Your Take?

For business trips, I:

  • Always overpack, just in case.
  • Pack just enoug for the trip.
  • Have no clue what to pack!

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