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May 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of my first vote in a U.S. and local election in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to date, the proudest day of my life!

I had gone to the polls with one or both of my parents during many elections, “practiced” voting with my school classes in the old voting booths with curtains, and was fortunate to live in a household that, regardless of how little income there was, ensured we read newspapers and watched the news daily. I was educated and ready to vote!

Since that first vote, I have not missed voting in any election regardless of where I lived. MORE

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Q&A: Meetings Advocacy With Roger Rickard

Roger Rickard has been a voice for industry advocacy and for individuals in our industry for some time.

Like Roger, my interest and involvement in politics and the political and advocacy process goes “way back.”

For me, it began with a campaign on my playground for a U.S. presidential candidate in the early ’50s, and at that same time organizing street fairs... MORE


Average Gas Price in California Predicted to Hit $4 a Gallon // Bad for low wage workers and tourism // @meetingsmeanbiz

Wheelchairs Prohibited in the Last Place You'd Expect (via The New York Times) @SGMPHQ @HSMAI @destinationdc #eventprofs

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