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Friday with Joan

Why Unions, Planners and Suppliers Need to Get Along

If you were looking for a job or negotiating the conditions under which you’d work, of these, which would you not want?

  • Fair and equitable wages/salary.
  • Working hours and conditions to meet your needs and those of your family.
  • Vacation time (and time to use it).
  • Overtime compensation (whether in dollars or “comp” time).
  • Protection from sexual and other harassment by management, coworkers, customers or members, and vendors.
  • Job security against outsourcing.
  • Training for new technology and assurance your job would not be outsourced to a robot.
  • Training to keep up with changes in your job responsibilities.

As I finish the edits for this blog and the Q&A for the June 2018 edition of Friday With Joan, we wait to... MORE

Planners Share Pros and Cons of Working With Unions

Collective bargaining is a major component of the meetings, events and tradeshow industry. Those who are part of collective bargaining units—or unions—work in hotels, convention centers, restaurants and arenas. And in nearly every discussion about unions with industry colleagues, there is anger surrounding the many rules in working with them. MORE


Flying into/out of/through #ORD is not gonna be pretty. Plan ahead especially if you have mobility issues! #eventprofs #cripthevote

Amsterdam Launches Campaign to Improve Tourist Behavior (via @joesentme @destintl #eventprofs

What’s Your Take?

Do you support hospitality industry unions?

  • I support hospitality unions.
  • I do not support hospitality unions.
  • I’m seeking to work better with unions.

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Labor Union Approval Best Since 2003, at 61% (via Gallup)
In the U.S., 61% of adults say they approve of labor unions, the highest percentage since the 65% approval recorded in 2003. The current labor union approval is up... MORE

In a Tight Labor Market, Workers May Be Starting to Feel More Comfortable Taking Paid Time Off (via WUNC 91.5)
More than half of American workers left unused vacation days on the table in 2017. That’s according to a survey commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association. MORE

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Bonus FWJ Interview

Q&A With John Stephens, a FairHotel Partner, on Organized Labor
The following questions were asked of organizations who are FairHotel Partners. I am grateful to John F. Stephens and to the American Studies Association for their response. MORE

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