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Participant Safety Above All Else: On Water, Land or in the Air

Immediately upon hearing about the Branson, Missouri, duck boat catastrophe, in addition to feeling a profound sadness for the families, my risk management thinking went into high gear.

Tyler Davidson, content director with Meetings Today, and I agreed that something must be written to help us all grasp the responsibilities in what we review—for our individual leisure plans, and for the activities often enthusiastically suggested to us by a hotel concierge or convention services staff.

Not to mention additional recommendations from DMOs, DMCs, colleagues or salespeople. MORE

Safety Checklist for Transportation Services and Off-Site Activities

I present the following safety checklist for meeting planners and others in our industry to reference when recommending or accepting recommendations for various transportation services.

While much of the checklist was compiled after learning of the tragic duck boat incident that killed 17 in Branson, Missouri, the list itself can be applied to all modes of transportation and to other activities, whether on land, air or sea. MORE


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What’s Your Take?

I've used duck boats or like land/water (amphibious) tours:

  • Yes, for groups.
  • Yes, for me personally.
  • Yes, for groups and myself.
  • No, I have not used these.

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