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Friday with Joan

Safety and Inclusion Tips for Meetings in Troubling Times

The last few weeks have been especially difficult.

It’s not just client deadlines, illnesses of those I love, and the normal stress of a year coming to an end. It’s the horrific acts of hate in the United States and around the world.

You, before reading on, want to know what this has to do with our industry and your work?

Stay with me, please. I’ll show you.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with what has caused so many of us to grieve and to, as one colleague said, know how to direct sadness and rage... MORE

Ruminations on the Tree of Life and Kentucky Killings

The horrific mass killing at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27, as well as the murders of two African-American shoppers by a white male on October 24 at a Kroger's supermarket in Kentucky, has resulted in a lot of profound thinking from all quarters of our society. Following are statements from two people related in some fashion to the meetings industry that were of particular importance to me.

Jordan Rudner, who works at Abused Women’s Air in Crisis, in Anchorage, Alaska, and is the daughter of meetings industry attorney Steven Rudner, shared this... MORE


Congressional Black Caucus puts Marriott CEO in hot seat. @sgmphq @mpi @pcmahq #eventprofs #meetingprofs #assnchat

Business Statement for Transgender Equality. Glad to see hospitality companies! @mpi @pcmahq @sgmphq #eventprofs #LGBTQ

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Additional Reading

10 Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide (via SPLC)
A presidential candidate wins election after denigrating Muslims, Latinos, women and people with disabilities. A young white man opens fire and kills nine African Americans who welcomed him into... MORE

How to Make Meetings Safe and Welcoming for All (S*Marts Consulting)
Most reasonable people would agree that in every professional setting, including meetings, conferences, and tradeshows, all participants have the right to be free from unwelcome or unwanted attention and behavior. The truth is that some attendees believe that at meetings the usual rules governing workplace conduct can be safely ignored. Reports of... MORE

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