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Friday with Joan

‘Tis the Season: Ethics of Gifting & Entertaining

Prologue: Picture this … it’s the season of gift giving and of year-end hotel contract deadlines. I’m working feverishly to finish a number of complex hotel contracts for clients before everyone takes time off for the Christmas holidays. My spouse brings a box from our mail room to my home office.

I ask, as I continue to write contract provisions, from whom the box was sent, thinking it must be from a family member or friend. When the sender is mentioned—a salesperson with whom we are in difficult (politely said!) negotiations—I loudly say “DROP IT!”*

In one of my favorite films, Defending Your Life, we see that after death, one’s ‘first stop” is a place that ... MORE

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Q&A: Recruiters Talk Ethics and Job Interviews

I was curious to know how recruiters for positions in our industry saw the issue of ethics playing out from job candidates and from those seeking to hire. My thanks to Mike Gamble, Dawn Penfold and Jim Zaniello for the following responses... MORE


Here's What Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Are Missing. @mpi @pcmahq @asaecenter @sgmphq @destintl #eventprofs

The Most Preposterous Hotel Smoking Fine of All! // & reasons to carefully check individual & master account billing. #eventprofs

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In our industry alone, one is either ethical or not. There are no degrees of ethics.

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