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Friday with Joan

Add Elements of Theatre to Make Meetings That Inspire

For years, I’ve tried to understand why going to live theatre and experiencing a performance, usually not an interactive one, is more invigorating than going to a meeting or session at a conference. Meetings and live theatre have so much in common in the areas of seating, delivery and duration.

Seating: Oddly, what I rail against for many meetings is the seating styles. For meetings, straight (rows and rows of chairs facing forward) makes me cringe. When deciding what session to attend at a conference… MORE

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Charlotte St. Martin: Putting Theatre in Meetings

I knew as I conceptualized content for the January 2019 edition of Friday With Joan that I wanted to include the voice of Charlotte St. Martin, a woman I've known for many years.

She is currently president of The Broadway League, Inc., the trade association representing... MORE


5 New Positive Psychology Findings // Note No. 5 on Diversity & Inclusion! @mpi @pcmahq @sgmphq #eventprofs

City of San Diego Pays $5.3M to Settle Lawsuit Over Downtown Convention Center @destintl @meetingsmeanbiz #eventprofs

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Attending live theatre or concerts generally makes me feel:

  • Energized
  • Motivated
  • Thoughtful

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