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International Women’s Day: Moving the Industry Forward

Each time I’ve asked women in our industry if they consider themselves feminists they hesitate. Not all of them—but enough and in different age cohorts that I think there is a fear of being a strong woman, showing you are a strong woman, and identifying as a feminist.

All my life I’ve known women who worked in and outside the home. Women who work outside the home are known to work far more than men if their spouses or partners are male.

Let me digress briefly. Many of us are … MORE

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor

I recently read some amazing books about women and their lives—fiction and nonfiction—that caused me to think more about the importance of mentoring and being mentored regardless of one’s station in life.

I reconnected with a person who, when we first “met” in an AOL chat room for... MORE


Study: Women of Color Face Systemic Challenges in Nonprofit Careers @asaecenter #eventprofs

The Dalai Lama on Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless and Compassionate @mpi @pcmahq @sgmphq

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