12 Tips to Improve Sustainability at Your Next Event

Molly Blaisdell
August 13, 2015
Hornblower Cruises & Events offers 12 tips to improve sustainability at your next event.

Top Summer Nautical Adventures in North America

Molly Blaisdell
July 21, 2015
Summer nautical adventures are perfect for groups large and small.

How to Achieve Summer Outing Success

Molly Blaisdell
May 27, 2015
With the summer months upon us, planners who want to capitalize on the season should look into open-air options.

Best Practices for Calculating Hotel Food & Beverage Minimums

Molly Blaisdell
September 24, 2014
As a planner, one of the most important parts of a program is not only the quality of the food, but staying within one’s food and beverage budget. To assist clients in staying within their means, hotels have developed suggested spend per person as a guide.

What Women Want…From Their Hotels

Molly Blaisdell
September 15, 2014
Whether you are planning a large conference or small board meeting, it’s important to know what’s on the top of the most commonly listed hotel requests from some of your most particular constituents.

Advice for Planners in a Seller's Market

Molly Blaisdell
July 9, 2014
Tips for meeting planners seeking value in a seller's market.


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