A Look at Meetings of the Future

September 16, 2014
Meetings of the future will not be shaped by technology alone, but by attendees' adoption of and engagement with new technology.

The Role of Curriculum Development in Successful Meetings and Events

August 25, 2014
If we think of our meetings as one of the essential segments along the curriculum pathway, how might we change the way we do things to benefit our learners? And, how can you implement principles of curriculum development into your planning process?

E-Learning, M-Learning and the Education of Generation Y

June 24, 2014
As more millennials attend meetings, it is important to embrace the use of technology during your group's educational sessions, including the addition of gamification elements.

NFC and iBeacon: Two Technologies Changing the Event Experience

May 21, 2014
NFC and iBeacon are two recent technologies predicted to change the event game for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.

Finding New Revenue: A Collaborative Effort

May 7, 2014
New revenue is a key requirement for the sustainability of an organization’s event. Here are some ways events and sales teams can collaborate to enhance and retain exhibitor sponsors.

Dealing with the Impact of Increased Government Regulations

April 23, 2014
Lauren Deaton of Courtesy Associates gives suggestions on how planners can work inside strict regulations and raise attendance at their events.


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