Dear Industry Partners: I apologize.

Joan Eisenstodt
October 4, 2012
If you are invited to an event and RSVP that you will be there, is there an obligation to attend? Or is it okay to no-show? Does the hospitality industry have and exhibit good manners? Do you?

Venue/Vendor: Know Thyself. Buyer Beware!

Joan Eisenstodt
August 23, 2012
Do you know what you are buying from a vendor or venue? Do the sales people for that entity know what they are selling and those who service the venue or product know what and how things work?  Do planners ask questions? Buyer Beware and Vendor Know Thyself or we're gonna be in a heap of trouble!

Event Dates Impact on Attendance and Inclusion

Joan Eisenstodt
July 29, 2012
Meeting Planning and Hotel Sales 101: Know your audience.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> In the last ten days, I've received invitations to two events, one industry-related and one in an area of other interest, one to be held over Rosh Hashanah and one over Yom Kippur. Currently, one industry association is holding a major conference over Ramadan; another is about to do the same.<br /> <br /> Read on to learn more about&nbsp;ensuring the dates you sell and book are appropriate to ensure inclusion and attendance.

Industry Senior Education: Do we know it when we see it?

Joan Eisenstodt
June 16, 2012
In all the years in which I've served on committees, boards, councils and task forces, read and moderated industry discussions online and off, read industry trade publications, and facilitated learning at industry and industry-related programs, the meetings and hospitality industry has struggled to determine what "senior" education was. We're not even sure who the "senior" planner is - or the "senior" supplier. <br /> <br /> What does 'senior education' for our industry look like? Who are the senior planners? Join the discussion - maybe we can figure it out and take the industry deeper into education.<br />

Ethical Dilemmas Abound: Input Sought

Joan Eisenstodt
May 12, 2012
If you knew someone were terminally ill and needed both the health insurance and salary from the job they still held, would you, ethically, tell the person's employer that the person were not returning to work? To whom do your loyalities belong - the employer or the person?&nbsp;If someone violates a professional code of ethics that carry with them a penalty for violation, would you report them? If it weren't a "life and death" matter? If their former employer would not report them?<br /> "Ethical Dilemmas Abound" and input is needed to help resolve a muddled head (and heart). Join the discussion.<br />

Ethical negotiations - is it an oxymoron?

Joan Eisenstodt
April 22, 2012
Are we  an industry of those who don't know how the "other" party makes money? an industry that often (always?) holds something back for later so there is what some assume is "leverage" to make the deal sweeter? Do we negotiate ethically all the time?


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