Why select "that" destination?

Joan Eisenstodt
November 25, 2011
How do we select destinations for our meetings? Do we consider the character of the city? In what ways do we want a city/destination to contribute to the outcomes for those who attend?

The industry's dirty work: who's gonna do it?

Joan Eisenstodt
November 14, 2011
Americans don't want to do the tough, dirty jobs that many immigrants - with and without papers - will do.  Are we willing to pay more for decent wages?

Cookies & candy do not a relationship build

Joan Eisenstodt
November 6, 2011
'Tis the season of thankfulness and giving. Instead of cookies or candy to a favorite client or colleague, family member or service provider, consider doing something much more. In this relationship industry, we can better build relationships by considering the needs of others.

"Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"

Joan Eisenstodt
October 28, 2011
“Currently Employable” (aka unemployed) colleagues need more support - and we, individually and as an industry can do that. Add your ideas to this starter list of how we can help. Then commit to helping in any way you can.

What if we start a revolution to change meetings?

Joan Eisenstodt
October 12, 2011
What if we demand experiential and experimental industry meetings? How would we change them? If we chose to "vote with our feet" and didn't attend and said that it was because nothing was new, would it make a difference? We could start a revolution!

Customer Service: “it’s too hard” and the moon’s not full: Or what happened to “service” & “customer” in the same breath?

Joan Eisenstodt
October 1, 2011
Are hotels sacrificing service for non-service amenities? What do customers expect? Will a blog on customer service improve service at one hotel and others?


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