I'm mad as hell ...

Joan Eisenstodt
January 17, 2013
I'm mad as hell and I'll proably continue to take it and ask myself why! <p>It's my fault. Like Charlie Brown with his football, I have expectations that what has always happened <span style="text-decoration: underline;">won't</span> this time. </p> <p>Inevitably, I'm disappointed.</p> <p>I'm just back home from two industry meetings, both of which offered so much promise in content and design, and in a city and in facilities that should have been outstanding or at least great and certainly ADA-accessible, and didn't deliver.<br /> <br /> I want to believe there is change. Tell me how I can.</p>

Need your meeting ‘summarized’? I’ve got your guy!

Zachary Chouteau
January 8, 2013
Dale Irvin&nbsp;has built&nbsp;a career out of making meetings more fun...

3 Predictions for 2013's Meetings Industry

Joan Eisenstodt
December 31, 2012
My predictions - always an unsteady limb on which to go out - for 2013 in the meetings and hospitality industry contain some about brains, learning, meeting formats, RevPar, technology and human interaction.<br /> <br /> What about yours?

Kindness Counts at more than Christmas

Joan Eisenstodt
December 16, 2012
At this time of year, we may write notes on paper and send them with a thank you. After a meeting, is a thank you letter about the overnight set up staff who worked hard to ensure your general session would start on time, always written? Is the CSM/Event Services Professional or floor manager who, burdened with many groups (and overworked and underpaid), made sure your meeting was stellar, thanked, in writing?<br /> <br /> I don't celebrate Christmas - the religious or secular angles. It just seems we can, as an industry and as individuals, do better year 'round in how we treat others.<br /> <br /> Consider a random <span style="text-decoration: underline;">or</span> specific act of kindness in January, February, March and through the entire year.

What is CSR?

Zachary Chouteau
November 29, 2012
<span style="font-family: calibri;">Some thoughts&nbsp;and resources&nbsp;on one of the industry&rsquo;s hottest waves</span>

Is your meeting destination safe?

Joan Eisenstodt
November 26, 2012
Where, on the list of priorities (travel costs, taxes, hotels within walking distance to a convention center, restaurants, rates, etc.) do you add risk? And if you have it on your list, how do you measure it? What and how do our industry associations consider (other than funding) when they select cities? <br /> <br /> Let's discuss. I really don't have easy answers.


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