Gun totin at meetings: Should it be allowed?

Joan Eisenstodt
October 11, 2013
If someone carries a gun and isn't explicitly asked to not carry (if the laws of the jurisdiction of the meeting allow) at a meeting, why would they think to leave it at home? In their hotel room? In their vehicle?

How Does Obamacare Affect Meeting Employees and Contractors?

Joshua Grimes
October 7, 2013
Obamacare is causing the IRS to examine meeting industry contractors to make sure they're not really employees. Contractors should take steps to protect their status.

Airline & Hotel Rewards Points - Personal Perk or Company Property?

Joshua Grimes
September 23, 2013
Airline and hotel reward points may belong to the employee who earns them, or they may belong to the employer. Employees need to observe their company policy. Accountability standards may require that points go to the company or association.

The Attrition & Rebooking Puzzle - Further Explained

Joshua Grimes
September 5, 2013
When a hotel charges attrition damages, it may collect from more than one group. Planners must take steps if they want to ensure that their rooms are sold before others, and to be sure the right amount of damages are charged.

Unsold Rooms Credit: Is a Hotel Obligated?

Joshua Grimes
August 19, 2013
Are hotels required to give groups credit for unsold rooms that are resold to another party? The answer depends on the wording in the contract.

Convention Center Dilemmas

Joshua Grimes
August 8, 2013
Convention Center labor disputes can disrupt meetings. Planners need to take steps to avoid becoming victims, including due diligence and careful contract negotiations.


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