The Art of Wine Selection

Judy Cronkhite
August 7, 2012

Are your online and offline networks separate entities?

Archived Posts
August 6, 2012
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">The focus of Nicholas Christakis&rsquo;s research was interesting. He spoke about how the people in your network (up to three degrees of separation) can affect whether or not you are likely to be obese, altruistic, or get enough sleep. Christakis called them Real Social Networks and made a very stark contrast to online social networks. It was clear that years of scientific research went into his research on offline social networks but the example he offered on why online social networks are not effective was not as well researched. The online social networks he studied were related to friends, clubs and roommates in school. I would argue that if you study someone&rsquo;s social network in school vs. 10+ years after they have graduated, the data will be much different. Most of the audience at WEC, I would assume, is in this category.</span>&nbsp;

Event Dates Impact on Attendance and Inclusion

Joan Eisenstodt
July 29, 2012
Meeting Planning and Hotel Sales 101: Know your audience.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> In the last ten days, I've received invitations to two events, one industry-related and one in an area of other interest, one to be held over Rosh Hashanah and one over Yom Kippur. Currently, one industry association is holding a major conference over Ramadan; another is about to do the same.<br /> <br /> Read on to learn more about&nbsp;ensuring the dates you sell and book are appropriate to ensure inclusion and attendance.

Alameda's unexpected group pleasures

Zachary Chouteau
July 20, 2012
<span style="font-family: times new roman; color: #000000; font-size: 16px;">From an aircraft carrier museum to tempting tiki fun...</span>

The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks

Archived Posts
July 16, 2012
If I tweet something, a link to someone else&rsquo;s article, a link to my blog post, an original thought, I am influencing anyone who reads it. The real question is if someone reads my blog post, are they truly influenced by me? Does it depend on the quality of article? &hellip;whether or not they are able to create an actionable change in their lives? Do new ideas influence us whether or not we do anything about them? We hear a lot about &ldquo;Content is King&rdquo; but I have heard a few people say that while content is important, context is more important.<br /> <div><br /> </div>


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