Marriott Planner Clash: What's Commission Got to Do With It?

Marriott Planner Clash: What's Commission Got to Do With It?
Joan Eisenstodt
February 2, 2018
Puerto Rico and Houston residents still suffer months after hurricanes devastated their communities. #MeToo hasn't gone away especially for housekeepers and others demanding "panic buttons." The flu is killing people across the US. With all that as a backdrop, let’s examine the extensive industry energy that is focused on Marriott’s reduction of third-party commission. It’s a greater amount of energy than I’ve seen directed toward the other issues.

Where's the Human Factor?

Larissa Schultz
June 8, 2015
Why planning and designing events and meetings should take into account basic human needs.

3 Ways to Make Meetings Marketing Relevant with 1 Bad Example

Joan Eisenstodt
June 24, 2014
For years, I’ve been fascinated by photos and copy in print and electronic marketing; by the photos used by hotels, DMOs (aka CVBs) and other industry vendors on their websites and in marketing pieces; by the copy in emails received to market a service or facility.

Finding New Revenue: A Collaborative Effort

May 7, 2014
New revenue is a key requirement for the sustainability of an organization’s event. Here are some ways events and sales teams can collaborate to enhance and retain exhibitor sponsors.


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