Planners: Collaborate With Suppliers to Wow Your Attendees

Planners: Collaborate With Suppliers to Wow Your Attendees
Lynne Wellish
July 31, 2018
When starting out in the industry and learning to source and procure, I made the mistake of always asking how much things were—often overlooking other factors. I played a tug of war with all my suppliers, forgetting we had the same goal, a happy client and repeat business.

Take a Leap (Toward Sustainability)!

Take a Leap (Toward Sustainability)!
Nancy Zavada
February 25, 2016
This Leap Day take a leap into greener meetings by selecting one sustainable practice to incorporate into your events.

Refreshing Ideas for Sponsors

Nancy Zavada
August 13, 2014
Here's a sponsorship idea that is sustainable and well received by attendees.

Room Block Poaching: Turning the Tables on Housing Scammers

Joshua Grimes
May 28, 2014
Poaching of meeting guests by unauthorized housing companies is an emerging problem. Groups should protect their guest attendance lists against disclosure, educate guests about problems from booking with poaching companies, and take steps to stop poaching if it occurs.

Finding New Revenue: A Collaborative Effort

May 7, 2014
New revenue is a key requirement for the sustainability of an organization’s event. Here are some ways events and sales teams can collaborate to enhance and retain exhibitor sponsors.


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