Fun exercise to begin to create better meetings.

Joan Eisenstodt
January 27, 2013
It seemed the comments made on <a href="">my last blog </a>and in other outlets where it was posted didn't calm me down much. Too many folks are still asking me to be patient and wait for changes. (I appreciate what Niesa Silzer said about the time it takes for change. How long <span style="text-decoration: underline;">is</span> a generation?!)<br /> <br /> Join me in an exercise that's fun, creative and will help us find a way, from our experiences and illustrations, to make me not as cranky and angry about how slow meetings change and to help our industry at least make our own meetings more interesting.<br /> <br />

I'm mad as hell ...

Joan Eisenstodt
January 17, 2013
I'm mad as hell and I'll proably continue to take it and ask myself why! <p>It's my fault. Like Charlie Brown with his football, I have expectations that what has always happened <span style="text-decoration: underline;">won't</span> this time. </p> <p>Inevitably, I'm disappointed.</p> <p>I'm just back home from two industry meetings, both of which offered so much promise in content and design, and in a city and in facilities that should have been outstanding or at least great and certainly ADA-accessible, and didn't deliver.<br /> <br /> I want to believe there is change. Tell me how I can.</p>

Need your meeting ‘summarized’? I’ve got your guy!

Zachary Chouteau
January 8, 2013
Dale Irvin&nbsp;has built&nbsp;a career out of making meetings more fun...


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