What is CSR?

Zachary Chouteau
November 29, 2012
<span style="font-family: calibri;">Some thoughts&nbsp;and resources&nbsp;on one of the industry&rsquo;s hottest waves</span>

Is your meeting destination safe?

Joan Eisenstodt
November 26, 2012
Where, on the list of priorities (travel costs, taxes, hotels within walking distance to a convention center, restaurants, rates, etc.) do you add risk? And if you have it on your list, how do you measure it? What and how do our industry associations consider (other than funding) when they select cities? <br /> <br /> Let's discuss. I really don't have easy answers.

Caesars Knows How to Throw a Party

Zachary Chouteau
November 14, 2012
Leaving Las Vegas with plenty of takeaway...


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