Resolutions or Bucket List?

Joan Eisenstodt
December 28, 2011
Are you considering making New Year's resolutions? Are you going to tie any your resolutions to your bucket list? And if you don't have a bucket list, are you going to make one and start working on it in 2012? Or do you just need some laughter as we end one year and begin the next?

Must learn by 12.31.11. What's on your list?

Joan Eisenstodt
December 19, 2011
Asking questions is a superb way of learning. What are your questions? What answers do you have about what's puzzling me and others? Let's resolve to get some answers by 12.31.11 and start 2012 with a new list of questions!

I do not like December!

Joan Eisenstodt
December 10, 2011
What has made the hospitality industry - and especially the hotel side - so adamant about December 31 (which usually means December 20-something) contract deadlines? Why is this the magic date? Does it contribute to your dislike of December too?

Don’t forget the East Bay when planning a San Francisco meeting

Zachary Chouteau
December 6, 2011
Plenty of options in Oakland, Berkeley and beyond...

Zagat-style guide to dining ethically

Joan Eisenstodt
December 5, 2011
When destinations and sites are selected, how do we evaluate how those who are employed in those entities are paid and treated? Is ethical dining a consideration? Maybe it should be.


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