Selecting sites & vendors by asking better questions

Joan Eisenstodt
February 20, 2012
When someone asks you to recommend a restaurant in your city, do you name your favorite right off the bat  or do you try to find out what the asker needs? If you want to book a hotel in Orlando for a meeting, do you ask what people think of hotels in Orlando without providing any specificity about why and what you are asking? Do you ask questions or always jump in with answers? How will asking better questions get us to better answers? What questions will you ask? And what <span style="text-decoration: underline;">does</span> red mean to you?

Name Badges Change Lives

Nancy Zavada
February 15, 2012
Wondering how to get your participants to recycle their name badges? Look no further...

Best Speaker Gift EVER

Nancy Zavada
February 8, 2012
Looking for a way to thank speakers AND give back to the local community?&nbsp; Here's an idea you can use.<br />

How well do you understand contracts?

Joan Eisenstodt
February 6, 2012
How well do you understand the language difference between a proposal and contract? How have you vetted language in vendor and venue contracts? Do you ensure that contracts that relate to the business contracted mesh together? Could you defend what you had written?

12 Green Practices You Should Ask For

Nancy Zavada
February 3, 2012


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