F&B Can Make or Break A Meeting

Joan Eisenstodt
February 18, 2013
Planning food and beverage (F&B) for meetings and events is a much more complex task than most assume. It's not just about 'pretty food'; it is not just about budget tho' those are both factors. We have to take into consideration the what-why-how-when of food handling and preparation, food service, allergies, religion and allergies, accommodation, and myriad other issues. Do we? Do the catering and food and beverage professionals in venues know enough to guide us? What's your experience to add to the body of knowledge?

5 Steps to Smarter Meetings

Joan Eisenstodt
February 8, 2013
Some of the following five steps to smarter meetings will be 'old hat' to some; others will be known to but not practiced by many; and some will be new to your meeting planning process.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> We can work smarter to plan&nbsp;meetings, request information, and respond to requests. Let's ask the right questions and be deliberate in planning. We'll have smarter meetings, well-planned, and our objectives will be met.

Need a motivational speaker

Joan Eisenstodt
February 1, 2013
For an upcoming meeting, there are lots of needs: hotel, restaurant, florist, motivational speaker, and AV company among them.<br /> <br /> With the wide distribution of this blog, there must be lots of folks who can help.<br /> <br /> Oh and there's a&nbsp;gift (of my choosing) for your help. It's not a bribe, commission or incentive. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">That</span> would not be ethical! All will be revealed on February 8 after help is offered. <br /> <br />


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