Don’t Throw the ADA ‘Baby’ Out With the COVID-19 ‘Bathwater’

Don’t Throw the ADA ‘Baby’ Out With the COVID-19 ‘Bathwater’
Joan Eisenstodt
June 5, 2020
Oh, you bet I want to write about—think about—something else...even something frivolous like summer plans that might include a walk around the block; what you’ve done to manage your “crown of grey” or whether you or someone in your life grew a beard; and how tired you are of take-out food...if you are fortunate enough to have shelter and food—and toilet paper. But as noted by the WHO and written and discussed in many arenas, this virus is likely to never go away. It will eventually be controllable, yet potentially never out of the possibility of contagion. Thus, as I work through and around for clients I continue to write about the issues related to COVID-19, or accurately, SARS-COV2.


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