Welcome to the Meetings today blog site!

As the title sez—welcome to the Meetings Today blog site!

We’re beginning to roll out blogs from some of the top meetings industry thinkers, as well as Meetings Today  staff members and front-line meeting planners who want to share their opinions—and information—with you.

With my blog, I’m going to concentrate on covering some of the more interesting things coming down the road in the hospitality industry, and especially how they relate to meetings, conventions, incentives and events. I’m always one who likes to mix it up a bit, too, so if I see anything of interest that somehow remotely, tangentially relates to travel and tourism, it’s fair game!

Through my 20-some years covering the hospitality industry I’ve seen a lot. I remember when e-mail was a novelty. Heck, in college I remember laying out pages of a publication with little more than a Linotype, glue gun and craft knife! Those were the days.

But, of course, the field of publishing has advanced light years since then, and so has the hospitality industry.

It all comes down to delivering a quality product that consumers want. I remember being blown away when I heard a speaker talk of a future when a hotel would know who you are and deliver the newspaper of your choice at your door no matter which property in the brand you were staying at! The jury may be out on newspapers, but loyalty programs and knowing ones customers are clearly the way of the future in the hotel business.

Stay tuned for more blogging on some of the new and interesting trends shaping the hospitality industry, and how they shake down to the attendee experience and the job of planning meetings.

Of course, please send any ideas you may have to tyler.davidson@meetingstoday.com and I’ll do my best to spread the word!

So until I think of a better sign-off phrase, enjoy!

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