What fuels you?

The Sunday, April 7 New York Times Magazine - the food and drink issue - was chock full of great articles and photos about food and drink. 

One of the featured stories was What fuels New Yorkers? I smiled in recognition and laughed out loud reading the choices. It made me wonder what fuels planners - onsite? in the days leading up to an event? for room service at night after a long day? after a meeting? on travel?

Me? I travel with individual packages of peanut butter and little jars of jam and good graham crackers. With a big glass or carton of milk, it can fuel me for a long day or be my comfort and dinner late at night.

And from room service, I most want a good bowl of soup. Some hotels do it really well; others fail miserably. My TripAdvisor reviews will mention great room service, especially soups.

What fuels me is not always food. It can be the quiet of a hotel room with no TV, MP3, radio or other noise. Just quiet.

Or seeing a friend or family member, local to the venue to which I've traveled, and having a hearty laugh or a deep conversation.

What does fuel you? Do you ensure that you are fueled when on travel especially doing meetings?

Oh and keep reading this issue - it's brain fuel!

Healthy fast food: I wondered how many hotels are doing something innovative like these restaurants and doing it for fast food. 

True Tales from the Kitchen was full of stories I bet many planners could match with true tales from a banquet.

And this story about spices made my mouth water and my nose long to sniff.

I've made myself hungry and am now off to dinner.

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