You Will Not Get the Blues in Biloxi

A recent trip to Biloxi, my first visit to Mississippi, was full of pleasant surprises, from the inspiring scenery to the consistently delicious dining.

The Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, host to our Meetings Today Live! event, offers a unique setting that serves up high-caliber Vegas-style gaming and impressive cuisine (it is an MGM resort after all), but also boasts an airy and dramatic backdrop overflowing with plant life and constantly refreshed, spectacular floral arrays. It really does a great job of bringing the outdoors in, which seems to be the antithesis of what some casinos are trying to achieve.

My favorite event of the weekend was possibly the opening dine-around that showcased a different serving station for each of the resort’s restaurants. From appetizing Asian to a mouthwatering fresh seafood array over ice (pictured above), the feast was pretty flawless. When an entire roomful of chatting attendees suddenly turns quiet, you know the food is hitting the spot. 

Another highlight was the closing dinner reception, held at the handsome, historic Biloxi Visitors Center (pictured above), with architecture vaguely reminiscent of the family home in ‘Forrest Gump.’ The second-floor veranda is about as nice a place as any to take in a sunset, with the iconic Biloxi Lighthouse in prominent view nearby (picture below). The center is rentable for events through the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Was also fantastic meeting some new-to-biz planners, as well as some industry vets, and both education presentations really made impacts. Nice hearing from Mike Domniguez of MGM about the healthy state of the hotel landscape, and Bonnie Wallsh’s seminar on risk management really opened my eyes to the countless factors that planners have to take into account in keeping their groups safe and sound.
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