The meetings industry is catering to a whole new brand of clientele

While colleagues in high tech companies are innovators and have been shaping the way we all do business through technology, the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport has discovered that these new meeting planners are also defining a whole new demographic, which is creating a industry buzz because of the requirements of these progressive customers.

1. The "new" meeting planner not only has technology in mind, but also the most basic of needs as well, food and beverage options that are not only healthy, but choices that cater to the diverse dietary needs of those that represent everything from vegetarians and "flexatarians" to glucose-intolerant and "weight watchers"

2. But, of course it doesn't stop there. More often than not, this new breed of client demands green initiatives that go beyond typical sustainability standards --- low flow toilets, zero waste and solar power, to name a few.

3. The new breed of meeting planners also has to accommodate a fast-paced, always on the go clientele. Connected 24/7, meeting attendees want a lot of flexibility and they require space to meet up with small pods of colleagues to brainstorm outside of the larger group. Flexible facilities and meeting agendas with a huge bandwidth of options are a must.

4. As for technology features, meeting sites must be able to cater to the individual needs of each group. Many of the new brand of meeting planners need to set up their own infrastructure (sometimes several weeks in advance) and they require options to upgrade bandwidth. Most of these technology meeting attendees come to the party with at least three devices, so the demand for high-speed Internet connectivity is essential.

5. In addition to the individual devices, meeting attendees often rely on their tablets as opposed to paper packets and they are more inclined and accustomed to utilizing mobile apps for information sources.

Bottom line, technology is the key to the success of most every event and venues that can accommodate those needs will deliver a winning combination for technology-oriented clientele as well as traditional customers with a vast array of high tech needs.

Submitted by:
Haley Murray
Senior Sales Manager
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
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