Five things to remember when evaluating your meetings’ Internet needs

Sitting in the middle of the high tech capital of the world, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara gets a huge range of requests for Internet usage from meeting planners.

Whether you are working with the host venue’s in-house A/V team or a third party Internet provider, here are the top five questions you should be prepared to answer:

1. Do you need wired or wireless access, or both, and if so how many devices for each?
2. How many days will you require Internet access for all the wired/wireless requests?
3. Are there any custom conferencing needs such as dedicated bandwidth, private VLANs or static ip addresses?
4. Does the group require custom wireless (SSID) signal or sponsor splash/landing page?
5. Will you be bringing in your own networking gear such as firewall, router, switches, access points, etc.?

Submitted By: Melissa Belluomini
Director of Sales and Marketing
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

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