12 Tips to Improve Sustainability at Your Next Event

Hornblower Cruises & Events offers 12 tips to improve sustainability at your next event (pictured above is the Hornblower Hybrid sustainable yacht).

  1. Go paperless by using apps or providing USB drives with handouts, speaker bios, agendas and show guides. CrowdCompass mobile apps can help.
  2. Design menus around seasonal produce (e.g. WinterAutumn).
  3. Use fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate.
  4. Build relationships with farm-to-table caterers and venues.
  5. Incorporate ocean-to-table seafood dining into your events.
  6. Provide jugs of water instead of plastic water bottles.
  7. Give attendees refillable water bottles and provide filling stations.
  8. Ensure that all disposables are sustainable and, if possible, compostable. Eco-kits have compostable plates cups, glasses and cutlery.
  9. Serve “to go” lunches or snacks in reusable containers or bags. Lunchskins come in a variety of design to fit event themes.
  10. Recycle paper products, cans and bottles. In Canada and the European Union, curb side recycling is mandatory in all major municipalities.
  11. Put out bins to make it easy for attendees to discard, paper, cans, food and garbage separately. Check out the Mobius 4 compartment recycling bin.
  12. Put out receptacles to encourage attendees to recycle badges holders and name tags.

Submitted by Guest Author:

Tara Bossert
Director of Marketing – New York Port
Hornblower Cruises & Events
(646) 576-8405 / tbossert@hornblower.com

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