Must learn by 12.31.11. What's on your list?

 Asking questions is a good exercise on the path to learning.  I keep lists of questions about which I want answers. What's on your list of pressing questions? Add yours in the comment section here or at Meetings Today Forum.  I hope many have answers .. and more questions.


  1. How do hotel's nylon shower curtain liners keep the water from getting on the floor?
  2. Why do hotels think flat screen TVs mounted on walls, unable to be turned for viewing at a desk, are a good idea?
  3. If everyone knows that bedcovers (duvets, coverlets, etc.) are bacteria-filled, why do hotels not clean or change them more often?
  4. And speaking of those, if the flat screen TV is only pointed at the bed, do you really want to sit on your sheets to watch?
  5. If scent is such a personal thing, why are hotel bathroom amenities not unscented?
  6. Why do we tip train attendants but not flight attendants?
  7. When and why (other than budget) did hotels stop having bell staff on duty overnight?
  8. What bothers hotels so much about ADA and ADAA compliance?
  9. If airlines stress safety (with, for example, an announcement at the start of every flight), why don’t hotels and other meeting venues?
  10. Who’s designing or manufacturing a really ergonomic all-purpose banquet/meeting chair that can be stacked and “ganged” if fire regulations require it?
  11. Where did all the polite guests who say “thank you” to hotel housekeepers go?
  12. Who created the first and still-used meeting room theatre and schoolroom sets? Why?
  13. Why is December a magic month for closing hotel contracts? (See previous blog about why I hate December.)
  14. With new builds of hotels, why are meeting room thermostats still not adjustable by those in the room?
  15. Why is TED, essentially “sages on stages” albeit with better visuals and shorter presentations, “the” model to emulate? What else is out there.
  16. When a hotel staff person says “No. It’s our policy”, how do you respond?
  17. And when did policy become law?

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