Resolutions or Bucket List?

If you know me or have read what I've written or experienced my facilitating learning, you know that I am passionate about our industry and about making changes to meetings and about how we do business.  (Yeah, I'm passionate about justice, civil rights, politics, and reading too. Those are for "off topic" discussions unless I tie them to meetings .. which I can do!)

When I read this list of suggested resolutions  I thought about whether or not I'd make personal and/or professional resolutions for the coming year. I thought about connecting my passions to any professional resolutions and asking you to join me in making some of the same.

While thinking about resolutions, I wondered if they were ever tied to "bucket lists" - you know sorta like goals and objectives are tied together.  After doing a bit of research, I'm not sure if they are but I think they could be.

(My neurons connect lots of random information - it would be far too difficult to explain how I do that. If I have a "Defending Your Life"* afterlife, I'll know more.  My friend, Dianne, says these are "Look, a chicken" moments.)

Then I saw this about bucket lists and laughed out loud. I decided sharing laughter with colleagues was a great way to end one year and start the next.

In this new year, if you are looking for a job, especially if you've been un- or underemployed, I hope you find something that suits you and helps you keep a roof over your head and food on the table. If there are not-so-good health issues for you or those you love, I wish for good health.

And most of all, I wish each of you a healthy, safe, fulfilling, laughter-and-learning filled new year.



* If you've never seen "Defending Your Life", do - especially if you are making resolutions or bucket lists. Once you've seen it you may see your life much differently. 


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