12 Green Practices You Should Ask For

The MeetGreen Conference Management Team recently voted on their favorite green practices to ask for when planning a conference or event. I am sure they won't mind if I share, so here are their top 12 "asks:"

    • Ask for recycling at the facility
    • Ask for a towel and linen reuse program
    • Ask for no bottled water to be served
    • Ask for bulk condiments and beverages
    • Ask for excess food to be donated
    • Ask for banquet water glasses not to be pre-filled
    • Ask for use of china and linens; no disposables
    • Ask if the venue has electronic signage
    • Ask about sustainable, local food
    • Ask for signs to be made of a sustainable material
    • Ask for recycled content paper for printing or ask for no printing at all
    • Ask client to communicate sustainability efforts and options to attendees.
What green practices does your event team ask for each time?
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