Etiquette Tips: Meetings and Greetings

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Judy Cronkhite, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Believe it or not, there are a few “rules” when making proper introductions. Hopefully, these tips will assist in you making a great first impression.

Tip #1 - Introduce the person of highest rank (client or boss) to others first. “Mr./Ms. Client I would like to introduce you to (other person’s name).” Then repeat Mr./Ms. (other person’s name) to Mr./Ms. Client to ensure everyone has heard the others name.

Tip #2 – Always extend your hand when being introduced. Whether man or women, a firm handshake is imperative. Offer your hand at 90% angle to the floor. Your handshake should be firm, not too light that it feels limp or too firm where you crush the other person with an iron grip.

Tips #3 - Always make eye contact during an introduction and repeat the person’s name of whom you are being introduced.

Tip #4 –Always stand up when being introduced.

Tip #5 – If you join a conversation where you are not introduced by another person, introduce yourself and try to establish common ground. Once the other person knows why you are there and who you are, it opens the opportunity for further conversation.

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