Dining Etiquette

1. When seated at a table, remember your liquids are always on your right and solids (bread plate) to your left.

2. When seated, place napkin on your lap – if you leave the table, place your napkin on the chair to signal to the waiter that you are coming back.

3. Silverware - Start at the outside and work in. Never have the blade of the knife facing someone else when it is resting on the plate.

4. Once you pick up the silverware, it should never touch the table cloth again.

5. For gatherings of six or less people, do not start eating until everyone is served.

6. Bread and rolls should be broken into bite size pieces and butter is spread on each bite as you eat it.

7. Dishes are passed from left to right.

8. Salt and pepper are passed together, even if someone asks for just one.

9. Hold your wine glass by the stem.

10. When you are finished with each course, your knife (blade turned inward) and fork should be placed diagonally from upper left to lower right.

Cheers ~
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