Dallas Delivers Plenty for Planners

Had the opportunity to attend the recent Omni Dallas grand opening weekend and came away impressed with both the property and the city on a number of levels.

The new Omni is a real show-stopper, with about a thousand rooms and more than 100,000 square feet of event space, plus some spectacular lighting elements and an amazing rooftop pool/Jacuzzi area. But I think my favorite thing about it was how the hotel maintains a warm and welcoming feel despite the large size. There are fireplaces burning around the lobby, and there’s a real commitment to showcasing cool artwork—from countless local talent, but also big names like glass-blowing master Dale Chihuly. Everything was easy to find as well, not always the case with a large hotel.

Even if you aren’t staying at the new Omni, it’s impressive enough to bring by your group to take a look. The Texas Spice restaurant would make for a great group dining setting, and the Owner’s Box sports bar has to be one of the best places anywhere to catch a game on TV. Sixteen-foot screen anyone?

Away from the property, we had a superb lunch at a place called the YO Ranch, which handled our group of about 50 flawlessly and offers a truly Texas-style setting. Another highlight was a stop at the infamous Grassy Knoll and neighboring Sixth-Floor Museum, which takes you back to the Kennedy assassination in unforgettable fashion. Looking down at Dealey Plaza from the same windows where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the tragic shots, while listening to audio from that dark day, is about as intense a museum-going experience as you could imagine.

But the most memorable excursion of all had to be visiting Cowboys Stadium. Whether you bring a group to a game or just out for a tour or other experience, this is a venue that just dazzles, period. From the astonishingly large video screens to the plush seating to the thoughtful details at every turn, the place is a modern marvel. Having the chance to meet former Cowboys great Drew Pearson—a funny, inspiring and thoughtful individual—was definitely a big highlight for our group as well.

According to the good folks at the Dallas CVB, there is plenty in the works in Big D as well, including a brand-new airport and presidential library on the way within the next two years.

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