Industry Senior Education: Do we know it when we see it?

In Jacobellis v. Ohio, a case before the US Supreme Court, Justice Potter Stewart said, about porn, he'd know it when he saw it.

In all the years in which I've served on committees, boards, councils and task forces, read and moderated industry discussions online and off, read industry trade publications, and facilitated learning at industry and industry-related programs, the meetings and hospitality industry has struggled to determine what "senior" education was. We're not even sure who the "senior" planner is - or the "senior" supplier.

(I just did a search to find out what would pop up if I asked "What does it mean to be a senior meeting planner?" and got this hit. Interesting. Read the criteria for some of the jobs. Are those senior qualifications?)

Some questions for discussion:
1. What is a "senior" professional in our industry? Is it someone with x or xx years of experience? Is it particular type of experience? Broad experience? At the same or different organizations? On "both sides" (planning and supplying) of the industry?

2. To be considered a senior professional does one have to have a college degree? Higher degree? CMP? CMM? CAE? CTSM? CGMP? or other certification?

3. If one is a senior professional, would she or he "know senior education" when it was seen or experienced?!

4. For those who consider themselves senior in the industry - or moving toward "senior" status and want education to get ahead - what elements make up a senior learning experiences? Examples would be great; naming names (of places, organizations, learning facilitators, etc.) is a good idea to give credit where credit is due and to create specific examples on which to build.

Serving this year on PCMA's Education Task Force and on MPI's Global Emerging Leaders Task Force and as ASAE's Ethics Committee Chair, have given me more time to consider what senior education looks like.

I think we can take it further here and throughout the industry. Add your questions and comments to get us further along.
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