Pinterest and StumbleUpon are Worth a Look

While not exactly ‘standard’ platforms of social media, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are possible site/venue selection tools worth exploring—especially for visually leaning planners seeking a bit of creative inspiration.

For anyone still somehow unfamiliar with both websites, here’s an in-a-nutshell overview:

  • Pinterest is a very visual online ‘bulletin board’ in which anyone can post cool pictures, drawings etc. There is very little text involved, aside from the captions for each pic. CVBs, Resorts and others in the industry are jumping onboard and it’s a great way for photogenic locations, venues and lodgings to show off their stuff.


  • StumbleUpon simply jumps between web pages at the click of a button, letting you narrow your field to one topic (or several). It’s more or less just surfing the web on steroids, but as it pulls the most well-liked sites and pages in any topic, you end up seeing great pics, sites, and so forth—in a quick, easy and fun manner. Perfectly named, as you never know what you’ll ‘stumble upon’ next.

Either platform can be enjoyably surfed in such categories as Travel, Europe, Venues etc. or you can conduct a search if you’ve got your mind on a particular location or setting. By searching Pinterest for Conference Centers, for example, a full page of ‘separately pinned’ conference center pictures were presented, from all over the world. If one catches your eye, it’s simple to just ‘click through’ and find out more.

While these tools might be seen as a bit frivolous compared to more-established social networking resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, they’re definitely worth a look when time allows.

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