Planners Know Exactly What They Want in Meeting Service

Type-A, organized, detailed, thorough and determined are all traditional characteristics of planners and trainers. Planners know exactly what they want – down to the exact meeting service they expect and want from a venue. In order to identify and understand what these industry professionals want in their meeting experience, The National Conference Center distributed a survey to 10,000 planners and trainers across the U.S. With their findings, The National Conference Center published the white paper, “What Do Planners and Trainers Really Want In Their Meeting Service?”

Survey and interviews found that planners and trainers most value:

  • The difference in choosing a venue that focus solely on meetings and events – The planners noted a considerable difference in the service they receive at venues that are focused on meetings and events. As a result, they’ve invested in conference services teams dedicated to ensuring group meetings go off without a hitch.
  • The ability to build lasting relationships with the venue’s staff – Don’t look to my group to fill a void on empty space was the general consensus among the planners. Instead their outlook on venue staff is… build a relationship; get to know me, my group and my group’s needs. And believe or not, planners like to feel valued so they value venues who step up to the plate to show their appreciation.
  • The staff’s ability to anticipate a planner’s needs – Planners and trainers want a venue staff that delivers an item and says, “Here, I brought this because I knew you would need it.” The white paper also revealed that on-site venue conference planning managers are the real reason why planners become loyal to a venue. Ranked highest among needs from the A/V and IT team was responsiveness and the ability to deliver upon the planners’ needs, which in turn creates a great service experience.

Through interviews with Kristin Kurie of The Wilderman Group, well-known independent planner and trainer Joan Eisenstodt, Lindsey Rosenthal of Events For Good and trainer Lynda Poll of The Poll Group, The National Conference Center uncovered even more about what planners and trainers want in their meeting experience. Read the full white paper “What Planners and Trainers Really Want In Their Meeting Service?”

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