The Art of Wine Selection


When hosting a professional get together, the selection of wine is a ripe subject. Ordering is an intimidating process on its own and in a group situation, even more daunting. Here are a few suggestions that I practice:

* To begin, I will go online to look at the restaurant’s wine list so that I am prepared in advance with options.

* If I am hosting a group of six or more, I will pre-select one red and one white option so that the ordering process is simple.

* When hosting a smaller group, I generally ask what preferences my guests have, then I select accordingly based on the advance planning I’ve already done.

* Due to the many electronic resources we have at our fingertips, I also reference certain Apps that aid in the selection process. Some of my favorites are Drync wine (free) or Nirvino Wine Ratings Guide (slight cost)

* If it’s important that you impress a knowledgeable group of connoisseurs, there is a more advanced App that will help you pair specific wines with a pre-selected menu. You can download at Wine Genious (slight cost) or WineStein Pro (free)
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