Surround Yourself with Great People

Great people are the backbone to any organization.  Identifying the right people is a skill that requires a little strategy and practice.   Here are some tips for preparing for an interview:

 Put together a portfolio of your “perfect employee” Many people focus on the skills for the job only.  I would suggest you identify the characteristics you are looking for in the employee as well.  For example, I look for someone who will take responsibility for their actions and mistakes in addition to sales skills.  Take a few minutes to profile the characteristics that are important to you and then formulate questions to identify if the candidate has those characteristics.  It’s amazing what you can learn when you take some time to prepare.

  1. Use a variety of question types. 
  • Behavior Based Questions – Asking questions to identify how a prospect would react in situations.  If you search behavior questions, you will find a number of examples that you can tailor to your business.  Example – Do you like working with a team?  Tell me about your role in a recent team project and what you liked about it? 
  • Performance Based Questions – These questions are set up to clearly identify if the candidate has the skill set for the job.  Example – Walk me through your decision making process for a project you recently completed.   The theory is that past performance is a good predictor for a future position.  Another Example - Could you describe an occasion where you have had to negotiate with others to reach a successful outcome?
  1. Other tips
  • Use open ended questions whenever possible – (questions that do not require a yes or no answer only).
  • Review the resumes in detail and prepare specific questions that relate to your candidates’ experience.
  • Allow time for the candidate to ask questions.
  • Make sure you give a realistic overview of the job – don’t oversell the job and DON’T do all the talking!!!
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